Our heroes are on the road again and looking for adventure. This time, however, there are no guarantees to ensure that they will make it back alive. The story begins the day after hearts have been mended and past transgressions have yet to be discovered. Together with Jon and Marc, the four find themselves traversing the waves of the past and soon fall onto several shattered time lines, where space and time is dictated by colour.
Stepping back into the past, their adventures take a sharp right turn moments after meeting a man of mystery, who then attempts to assassinate the group. Quickly pulling his friends back into safer times, at first, it appears that their lives have returned to normal. Destiny has other plans, however, when strange events began to push them down uncharted waters. It’s a race against the clock when they discover an urgent need to complete their mission. To save themselves, they must push forward toward the indigo exit before blackness traps them within a torturous prison controlled by true evil.

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