Please hangout with me for a while and enjoy a sampling of my books. A great deal of my storyline takes place in Northern Ireland where the main character inadvertently finds himself aligned with the lead singer of a popular band.

The journey begins with the struggles of a dissatisfied accountant navigating several crises of the mind only to find himself standing at the crossroads of his future. Take a right and its lights out, move to the left and amazing adventures await while he dictates words and sentences from the voices in his mind. Eventually he creates literary magic that will transform himself into a successful writer. At the start of his transition from bean counter to an investment broker of words, our hero finds himself attending several book signing tours where a multitude of tragic beatings nearly cost him his life, after which he starts to develop unusual talents such as mastering any language, unlimited musical abilities and a gift of seeing into the future. The list of talents grow as he navigates the rough waters of his ability to manipulation space and an ever increasing problem of time slips which opens the door to telepathic insights. The journey sends him and his friends on strange and unusual adventures and lands the group between the known and the unknown realms of his mind.

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The Series

Book 1:
A Road to Nowhere

The struggles of a dissatisfied accountant navigating several crises of the mind, only to find himself standing at the crossroads of his future.

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Book 2:
A Road Back to Indigo

Our heroes are on the road again and looking for adventure. This time, however, there are no guarantees to ensure that they will make it back alive.

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Book 3:
A Road Through the Heartland

Time is a fickle bedmate during the best of times. However, when Bradleigh is thrown into the mix, it turns into a battle of wits and a constant falling through fractured timescapes.

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Book 4:


The struggles A dead poet from the nineteen century and a neutered mathematician with ties to a Nazi enigma machine.  This is just the beginning when Bradleigh is thrown headfirst into history and forced to meet with the voices in his head. 

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Book 5:
A Road Back to katherine


The Writing is complete. Katherine is done. Time to edit and forward to the publisher.

(242 pages)

Book 6:
A Road Back to Memphis

 Axel’s revenge

Moving forward, 71 pages counting


My Work

Listening to the constant chatter in my head, I finally decided to write down what those voices have been dictating. The result transformed my life from that of a bored, dissatisfied accountant into an up-and-coming author.

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After moving away from the Pacific Northwest, I discovered the joy of expressing myself through words and sentences. Please join me on my new and exciting path.